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About HNHS

History of the School

In 1995, the Pranggandahan Club Incorporated headed by the late Mrs. Rosana A. Dator in cooperation with the offices of Sangguniang Barangay of Hondagua headed by Mr. Amado T. Gurango, former Barangay Captain and Hon. Wigberto L. Tañada, former senator and congressman initiated the establishment of Barangay High School in Hondagua, but due to the existing two kilometers radius policy of the Department of Education where in the establishment of Public School is not permitted of its location is within the radius … an existing private school and the locality, hence, aforesaid founders decided to temporarily transfer the said school in Barangay Matinik, Lopez, Quezon. The students were housed in Matinik elementary School vacant rooms as well as in the makeshift classroom; the school was named LNCHS-Matinik Annex. The transfer was done in cooperation also of the former Barangay Captain of Matinik Mr. Joven Arella and other Barangay Officials.

The pioneer teachers of this school were Mrs. Cecile C. Albos formerly Ms. Cecile M. Cruz and became the teacher –in-charge (TIC), Mrs. Leonor Batocabe, Mr. Ruel A. Arcega and Mrs. Mila Calvario.

Another batch of the teacher were Mrs. Loida Caballero, Mrs. Myrna Arcega (formerly Ms. Dequito), Mrs. Florentina De Jesus, Mrs. Marivic Capanzana, Mrs. Marivic Baclao, Mr. Joel V. Vasquez and Mr. Marciano Langit.

The founder lobbied at the senate of the Philippines to secure the re-transferring at the said school to Barangay Hondagua as well as the approval of House Bill No. 8656.

After through reading, amendment and deliberation of the senate, the said republic act was finally forwarded to his Excellency hon. Fidel v. Ramos, President of the Republic of the Philippines on September 1998 the RA was finally approved.

All the personnel properties, assets and records of LNCHS- Matinik Annex were automatically transferred in Hondagua National High School (HNHS).

Many teachers were employed after Hondagua National High School was transferred to Barangay Hondagua. They were Mrs. Liza G. Capiña, Mr.Bernie D. Teguenos, Mrs. Nancy S. Cantillana, Mrs. Cristina C. Ranillo, Mrs. Marilou A. Mercurio, Mrs. Maria Regina R. Mabazza, Mrs. Armela A. Buñag and Mrs. Isidra Villa . Ogayon. It followed also by another batch namely; Mrs. Juliana Ellyn B. Tinamisan and Mr. Rigoberto B. Niverio.

Mr. Roland V. Magsino and Ms. Janice V. Mataba , belonged the pioneer batch are already employed in this school as classroom teachers.

Hondagua National High School is now on its 14th years providing quality education in service to its clientele. Nurturing the mind and promoting the continuing search knowledge for the betterment of the Filipino student is the mission of this school.

Mrs. Nessie U. Villafañe is the pioneer principal and already has five rendered years of quality service in this institution since 2003 present.

Mrs. Analiza C. Roca is employed as a subject teacher.

This year, Mrs. Alona R. Gonzales employed as school librarian and subject teacher.

Under her administration, one (1) hectare School Site, six classrooms, four(4) functional rooms (faculty room, canteen, library and computer room), many facilities  and equipments like one(1) 29 inches TV set with media flex, one(1) computer set from cyber education, were donated already owned by the school.

Blessed with supportive Parents, Teachers and Community Association, Sangguniang Barangay and other concerned individuals, HNHS continues to operate more than a decade despite of lack of own classrooms . These were provided by the Barangay council of Hondagua to the extent of lending its Barangay building to be used as temporary classrooms to facilitate teaching and learning process.

HNHS is never left behind by the central schools in town for its recorded academic and non-academic recognition and was a recipient of the 20 units of computers donated by the Department of Trade and Industry and Japan Government under Official Development Assistance.

Our institution is again a recipient of 21 computer sets composed of wireless internet connection, LCD projector, 2 air-conditioned sets, and printer with scanner from the ischools funded by the e-Government of 2006 in coordination with Benguet State University (BSU) through the effort of her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

HNHS will continue providing quality education and delivering best services for the sake of its clienteles who will become better and productive citizens of the country.

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