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Parents, Faculty, Alumni & HNHSians

2009 marks a significant milestone for the Hondagua National High School as it celebrates 14th years of existence.

I am confident that with the capable hands of our faculty and strong support of the parents and alumni, the HNHS will continue to provide quality education for its students.

To the parents, thank you very much for your initiative in sharing blessings to your children and also to the untiring support to make our school conducive to learning.

Teachers, I do really hope that you will always share your expertise to the learners. The challenges facing us today  is just the springboard to success. Remember that we are the builder of the Nation. They are the interpreter of the past, preserver of the present and the determiner of the future.

ALUMNI-Many of you today seemed like a distant dream when you began your studies some years ago. Your apprehensions were many. Substantial sacrifices had to be made in order for you to finish your studies. Balancing the demands of part-time studies with full-time work at times seemed impossible. You are the hope of our school, your ALMA MATER. Please try not to forget the memories you shared in this institution. Kindly support us in our journey and vision.

STUDENTS of HNHS- You are so blessed  because for almost a decade of existence , our school is  now on its  feet. There is already a functional rooms for learning. Say thank you to all people who served and provide support to make our goal a successful one . Develop your confidence to learn. Be proud that you are a product of this institution.

Individually, you brought your distinctive touch to life at HNHS and collectively you’ve left your mark on its landscape. Though it seemed impossible, you struck an excellent balance between the demands of studies and the need for fun and relaxation. I know you will cherish your many memories of HNHS and the debates will continue over which experience stands out most .

We celebrate your achievements amidst challenging times.

Again, I congratulate you on your success.


Secondary School Principal